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Relaxing, Decontracting, Revitalizing


Welcome to our haven of peace. You will find calm and serenity in an idyllic setting. Massages have brought relaxation and well-being since the dawn of time. They can also energize or harmonize, which is why I offer different techniques depending on your needs or expectations. I will receive you in my center or I will come to your home or business.

J’utilise des huiles certifiée bio et j’ai à cœur de vous apporter une information claire sur mon activité et mes prestations:​

  • Respect for hygiene and comfort ensured in a warm and calm setting, with quality equipment, linen and oils.​

  • A relationship based on trust and kindness.​​

  • Services adapted to the physical and emotional state of the person being massaged, listening to their needs and modesty.

Make an appointment, experience and compare before and after receiving a massage and you will understand the value of taking care of yourself.

know yourself better

A time for yourself or to offer

Stress, mental and/or physical fatigue, small everyday ailments... Modern life affects our well-being. To restore it, various manual techniques have been invented and brought up to date thanks to advances in science based on nature.


Each body is unique, each massage is different.
One source, two hands, multiple rivers.

Franck Mazzocchi

My journey

Wellness massage practitioner




  • Massage Essentiel® (Californien & Suédois, Ecole Joel Savatofski-1999)

  • Amma Assis© (Touch Line-2000)

  • Massage Ayurvédique (Vellai Thamarai Pondichéry Inde-2019)

  • Reiki (Usui lignée Fran Brown-2002)

  • Massage bébé, Massage femme enceinte,  Massage personne âgée (Azenday-2021)

  • Massage ancestral Japonais anti-âge du visage ( Fanny_Perot_Formation 2023 )

Franck Mazzocchi

Near the castle of Rosa Bonheur. To visit upon reservation of your stay.

Guest room

Welcome to "Atelier d'ici"

Valérie and Franck welcome you to a charming, quiet village, between Seine and forest. Take advantage of your stay to visit the Rosa Bonheur workshop, go hiking, canoeing, discover the surrounding villages (Barbizon, Samois sur Seine, Moret sur Loing, the Château de Fontainebleau) and many others.
You can also book your solo or duo massage, a Reiki treatment, or a yoga class. Services are provided on site indoors or outdoors if the weather permits.


L'Atelier is a small, bright house offering a cozy living room, with a mini fridge, a bathroom with toilet, and a bedroom upstairs.
Breakfast will be served in your room.

Traveler access

Entrance is through a gate giving access to the garden and covered parking.


The best way to talk about it is to ask those who came to see me in sessions...

Franck has a dynamic but also flexible touch which allows you to release deeply rooted tensions. I particularly appreciated that it massages the entire body and this is rare enough to be noted, the stomach where a lot of tension accumulates. I come away calm, energized and with the impression that everything is flowing better. To do again very quickly.
"Very good experience, to do again. Louis ​ "Very good time of relaxation and above all a good restoration. To start again regularly." Béatrice ​ "Very good time of relaxation Thank you very much!" Christophe. ​ "A big thank you Franck see you soon." Karen. ​ "So good!!!" Andréa. ​ "Very good experience, very relaxed . Thank you very much." Idris
Céka services
Franck, thank you for this wonderful moment of fulfillment and relaxation. I'm not used to massages but I knew how to enjoy every minute of it. A feeling of floating, of being, enveloped in softness. A big thank you for this timeless moment.
Thank you for this sensory journey which so well complemented the moments of sharing this highlight. Touch is fair, effective and caring. Massage creates perfect harmony between our physical and spiritual being. A timeless moment and a beautiful encounter."
Five months pregnant, I have just had a session which was good for my whole body and the baby. I highly recommend very professional, comes to your home.
Great discovery and great experience." Quentin ​ "Thank you for this lovely relaxing time at the office, a Thursday morning which is off to a good start! "Julie. ​ "A very pleasant little moment, ready to attack the day in the best possible way. Thank you." Arnaud. ​ "A very pleasant break during the working day, thank you very much" Margot. ​ "A very pleasant and refreshing moment, Thank you Franck for everything." Julie A
M'créa entreprise
A perfect moment! in an environment and during a retreat centered around detox and well-being, massage is the essential element, it takes its full place. Franck, you were able to relax me, make me let go while giving me energy. I loved. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for this moment of pure happiness.
We feel the professional person loving his “job”. Franck, you are truly passionate and you can feel it right through to your fingertips. This first session was too short for me, what a pleasure and what a delight for my body which relaxed. A big thank you for the good you have brought me and no doubt see you soon.
Pascale P
Franck, I sincerely thank you for taking care of my body while I took care of my mind. You allow, you help in the creation of the bond of trust between you and your patients. Bond, essential condition for abandonment. Because that is what it is all about, abandoning, entrusting your body to the other , in your hands and let our spirit go, explore, travel to another place. Congratulations.

Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for awakening. Take care of it. BUDDHA

Massage services have no therapeutic aim and due to their nature do not relate to in-depth manipulations and/or medical practice, they do not involveno sexual character”