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Massage Ayurvédique

Relaxing virtues both mentally and physically

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Ayurvedic massage with its rhythmic movements and the use of specific oils is based on Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicine. More than a simple relaxation routine, this holistic treatment aims to prevent imbalance in the body.

This massage is recognized for its many benefits, affecting both the body and the mind. Physiologically, it allows deep muscular relaxation, nourishes the tissues thanks to the specific oils used, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation and breathing, softens the joints and tones all muscles. On a mental and emotional level, it helps manage stress and anxiety, promotes an increase in energy, sharpens concentration and balances emotions, leading to a feeling of serenity and fullness.
The specificity of Ayurvedic massage is largely due to its procedure, which differs from other types of massages by a unique combination of movements, rhythms and ingredients.

The particularity of the movements

The movements used are unique and aim to harmonize, balance and revitalize the entire body. Circular pressures are often the first to be introduced. Soft and enveloping, they aim to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, thus promoting the elimination of toxins. They are particularly beneficial for congested areas of the body
Then comes the friction. More energetic, they produce heat and prepare the body to receive the benefits of the oil. They are also essential for releasing muscle tension.
Acupressure is also an integral part of Ayurvedic massage. It consists of exerting pressure on specific points of the body, similar to acupuncture points in traditional Chinese medicine. These points, when stimulated, have the ability to restore the body's energy balance and unblock stagnant energies.
Finally, stretching is incorporated throughout the session. They aim to improve flexibility, stretch muscles and facilitate the circulation of vital energy throughout the body.

The rhythm of the massage

What also characterizes Ayurvedic massage is its rhythm. Unlike other forms of massage where the rhythm is constant, here it varies, going from a moderate tempo to a faster pace depending on the needs of the recipient.
The moderate pace, gentle and slow, is conducive to deep relaxation, allowing the mind to relax and immerse into a meditative state. At this point, the masseur can emphasize circular pressure and friction, deepening muscle relaxation.
The fast pace, on the other hand, is more stimulating. It aims to invigorate, energize and awaken the body. Stretching and acupressure are particularly emphasized, providing a feeling of liveliness and energy.
The oil, usually warm or hot, is massaged deep into the skin, allowing the tissues to absorb it and reap all the benefits. 

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5 good reasons to get an ayurvedic massage :

1. Elimination of toxins

Ayurvedic massage is designed to eliminate accumulated toxins in the body and restore balance to the doshas, or vital energies, according to Ayurveda. Using warm oils and deep massage strokes, this therapy helps to release toxins trapped in the tissues, helping to purify and revitalise the body. This can help boost the immune system, improve digestion and promote better overall health.

2. Stress and anxiety relief

Ayurvedic massage is also effective in relieving stress, anxiety and mental tension. By combining relaxing massage techniques with soothing essential oils, this practice helps to calm the mind, balance the emotions and promote a deep sense of relaxation. This can be particularly beneficial for those living a stressful lifestyle or seeking a moment of inner calm and tranquillity.

3. Improved blood circulation

The massage movements used in Ayurvedic massage are designed to stimulate blood circulation throughout the body. By encouraging better blood flow, this therapy helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to the cells, promoting tissue regeneration and wound healing. It can also help reduce swelling, improve skin health and promote faster recovery after physical exertion.

3. Relief from muscle and joint pain

Ayurvedic massage is effective in relieving muscle and joint pain by releasing accumulated tension in the tissues. Using specific kneading and pressure movements, this therapy can help relax tense muscles, improve joint mobility and relieve discomfort caused by injuries or musculoskeletal disorders. This allows clients to regain a sense of well-being and freedom of movement.

5. Energy rebalancing

Finally, Ayurvedic massage aims to rebalance the doshas, or vital energies, in the body, according to the principles of Ayurveda. By working on the body's energy points, this therapy helps to harmonise the opposing forces of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, promoting optimal health and overall well-being. This allows clients to regain a sense of harmony and balance in their daily lives.

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