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Pregnant women massage

From 3 months and postpartum

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A Sweet Escape to Maternal Well-Being

Massage for pregnant women, also known as “prenatal massage,” is a specially adapted form of bodywork therapy designed to meet the unique needs of expectant mothers. It offers a multitude of benefits both physiological and emotional, helping to make the pregnancy period more pleasant and promote maternal health.

Pregnant women massage benefits

  1. Reduction of Pain and Discomfort: Pregnant women may suffer from back pain, lower back pain, muscle cramps and tension. Prenatal massage aims to relieve these discomforts by relaxing tense muscles and promoting blood circulation.

  2. Reduction in Stress and Anxiety: The pregnancy period can be a source of stress and worry. Prenatal massage promotes deep relaxation, thereby reducing stress levels and providing emotional relief.

  3. Improved Circulation: The gentle, specific movements used during prenatal massage stimulate blood circulation, helping to prevent swelling of the lower extremities, common in pregnant women.

  4. Better Sleep: Prenatal massage can help improve sleep quality by promoting relaxation and relieving sleep disorders common during pregnancy.

  5. Connection with the Baby: Prenatal massage offers expectant mothers a special moment to connect with their baby. The pleasant sensations of massage can help strengthen the bond between mother and unborn child.

  6. Relieve Emotional Tension: The hormonal and emotional upheavals that accompany pregnancy can be difficult to manage. Prenatal massage provides a relaxing space where emotions can be soothed and expressed.

  7. Preparation for Childbirth: By helping to relax the pelvic muscles and strengthening body awareness, prenatal massage can prepare the mother for childbirth by offering her greater confidence in her body.

  8. Support for General Well-Being: Prenatal massage contributes to the general well-being of the mother-to-be by helping her feel more comfortable in her changing body.

It is essential that pregnant women choose a practitioner trained and experienced in prenatal massage, as specific techniques and adapted positions are necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of the mother-to-be. In summary, massage for pregnant women offers a real breath of fresh air during this period of physiological and emotional upheaval. It is a precious opportunity to take care of yourself, to relax, to connect with the unborn baby and to prepare for childbirth in the best possible conditions. A well-being experience that celebrates the beauty of motherhood.

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To savor this exceptional period for pregnant women