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Intuitive massage

To live a personalized experience

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The massage best suited to your needs.

Intuitive massage is a personalized well-being massage combining different techniques. This exclusive type of massage best meets the needs of each person. It does not follow a pre-established protocol. It is carried out according to the expectations and desires of the person being massaged and the “reading” of the body which will be done by the practitioner. This “tailor-made” massage guarantees quality and effectiveness.

Intuitive massage is a treatment where the practitioner listens entirely to the body and its needs. It aims to restore mobility, relaxation and calm. It is not a classic treatment which requires similar maneuvers from one side to the other but rather a dance where the hands of the professional compose a score that only they know. An intuitive treatment is a treatment that cannot be reproduced identically as it is tailor-made at a given moment. It comes from the heart, it is a real relationship between the masseur and the person receiving the massage.

It will therefore be intuitive, always interacting with you, indefinable but incomparable...
Never the same twice, taken from the institute's protocols, it is intended to be sensory and beneficial, as close as possible to your expectations and needs, a total letting go outside of time!

Intuitive massage and a unique and personalized massage according to your needs, desire of the moment (physical, mental, emotional). Above all between the masseur and the person being massaged. Trust, listening, asking. It allows you to reconnect body and mind, feel good in your body and become aware of it, it is energizing, harmonizing, relaxing and a total letting go.

It has no particular contraindication if it is carried out according to the rules of the art and respecting the experience of the person who receives it. However, it is important to report any health problems in advance.

massage intuitif personnalisé avec pressions crâniennes
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